Beyond Big Brother Spying Integral Part of Windows 10?

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is sounding the alarm bell about the "Windows 10" operating system. Please read this Fox News article and this Guardian article for more details regarding how big "Big Brother" is becoming so that you can make informed decisions regarding your privacy.  Be aware that the federal government and large corporations and the "mainstream" media are just as callous about you keeping your hard earned money as they are about invading your privacy.  The federal government, helped by large corporations and corporate media, have worked together for at least 70 years to lie to the American people about their true obligations under the federal income tax laws.  Good Americans are being stripped of their property and sometimes even put in prison for not paying income tax even though the IRS could point to no law requiring the filing of an income tax return nor an underlying liability for the tax in the law nor evidence that the person even had taxable income in the first place.  Read more about the fraudulent manner in which the federal income tax system is administered and enforced and what you can do about it here.