Former IRS Special Agent Interview Banned Off Youtube

I was getting ready to announce that my June 12th interview on the Infowars "War Room,” fill-in hosted by my good friend Rob Dew ( Twitter: @DewsNewz ), had accumulated nearly 27,000 views on one of Alex Jone’s Youtube channels.  Today it was announced that the Alex Jones YouTube channel carrying this video was banned.  Recently, the "War Room" YouTube channel was also banned.

See these links to the banned Former IRS Special Agent YouTube videos here: Banned Video On Alex Jones YouTube Channel:

Banned Video On War Room YouTube Channel: = I highly encourage you to do at least these six things:

  1. View the banned "Former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister Interview On Infowars War Room Show (Host: Rob Dew)" video at Archived YouTube Channel (will be uploaded soon) and encourage as many others as possible to also view the video and spread the word to still others.
  2. If you have the capability, download videos at The Agent For Truth Channel at Real. Video for your own safe-keeping and for distribution to your own network of fellow Americans or befriend a computer-savvy person to help you.
  3. Tell everyone you know that these bans are based on false allegations that are then used to justify banning information that the mainstream media and deep state don’t want you to learn or share with others, such as my whistle-blowing efforts regarding the federal income tax and many other evil  efforts to destroy our freedom and our country.  Rest assured that we are all next on the censorship chopping block.
  4. Learn and save the various ways to keep in touch with my website, with my alternative and video platforms and with my social media account.
  5. Visit directly and make up your own mind about the truthfulness of the Infowars content.
  6. Keep in mind my warning that this banning practice is only going to get worse and accelerate and more information outlets and good Americans are going to be banned.  Each and every one of you can make a huge difference by keeping Americans informed in your own circle of influence.

Alex Jones, Rob Dew, David Knight, Marcos Morales, Darrin McBreen and every member of the team have worked very hard and sacrificed a great deal to wake up Americans to the dangers to our nation and to our world.  Alex and the other hosts, faithfully supported by their production crews, have been providing a platform for my IRS whistleblowing efforts for nearly 20 years.  No wonder the establishment is searching for every excuse to censor their websites and information and news platforms.