Former IRS Special Agent Witness To Reno Trump Rally Scare

I attended the Trump Rally in Reno on Saturday, November 5th.  Thousands of people came to the event and it was virtually standing room only. 

Most may have heard by now that there was an incident at the Reno rally whereby the U.S. Secret Service rushed Donald Trump off the stage due to the presence of an allegedly armed man in the crowd. I was there in the crowd and I can tell you it was tense. There was even a couple times when it appeared there might be a stampede of people heading for the exits.  For example, a man with a red shirt who was near the suspect ran through the crowd yelling that a man had a gun.  That same red-shirted man ran directly towards me as he attempted to put distance between himself and the suspect and he looked frightened out of his wits.  The red shirted man is described here: ). 

I even interviewed a woman at the scene who said she observed what happened and she saw multiple men grab the area where the alleged gun was on the suspect and tackled him to the ground.  Law enforcement officers jumped into the melee and secured and detained the suspect. See the incident here:
And also here:
Thankfully, the investigation at the scene ultimately found no evidence of a weapon and apparently a rolled up or folded cardboard sign may have been the object mistaken for a gun. Thankfully also no one appeared to be severely injured although the suspect, who was ultimately released from custody without charge, was reported to have been injured when he was taken to the ground and immobilized by men in the crowd. 
There were certainly enough factors present at the scene to lead citizens and law enforcement alike to react as if a gun was indeed present.  Certainly the Secret Service took no chances and rushed Mr. Trump off of the stage.  Mr. Trump did return to the stage after a short time and he resumed his speech.
Of course now that we all have learned that the suspect was not armed we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  However, at the time of the incident, there was quite a bit of uncertainty and turmoil, not only at the Reno rally but around the country and the world as word of a possible armed incident at a Trump rally spread across the internet. 

I happened to have informed Rob Dew of that I was at the Reno Trump rally before the rally began.  When news of the incident went out, Rob got in touch with me and arranged for me to speak with Infowars Reporters Owen Shroyer and Joe Biggs who just happened to be hosting a special election show a the Austin studios.
Here is Rob Dew and Alex Jones reacting to the initial reports they were receiving about the Reno rally incident and deciding to reach out to me at the rally:
Here is my interview with Infowars Reporters Owen Shroyer and Joe Biggs:
Again, thankfully no one was seriously injured.  Hopefully, this incident will prompt all of us to be even more alert and vigilant in the future.  I voted for Donald Trump at an early voting opportunity a few days ago.  Please encourage everyone you know todo the same.