IRS Now Targeting Wealthy More Frequently

The IRS has for many years focused on those less likely to be able to defend themselves, purposely targeting poor or struggling people as well as feasting on middle class people.  And who can forget IRS law-breaking in order to derail the speech and association activities of "conservative" groups?  The IRS is now reported to be also moving to the "greener pastures" of auditing wealthier people.  After all the ways the executive, legislative and judicial branches have sold us down the river with international treaties, Obamacare and the ever-present fiat money scheme of the Federal Reserve, it's a wonder there are Americans left who can even be considered wealthy.  But rest assured, for those Americans who have somehow overcome all the obstacles corrupt politicians have placed in their path and still managed to make for themselves a comfortable existence, the IRS stands ready to take a big bite out of the fruits of your labor and thrift.

Americans are rightfully fearful or angry or both.  Sadly, the IRS, Department of Justice, the media and many lapdog tax professionals are doing everything they can to prevent people like me from informing people like you about an aspect of the federal income tax that would likely make the American people lose their fear and do away with the IRS - that aspect being that most Americans are not required to file income tax returns and pay income tax because no federal law has ever been passed that has made them liable for the income tax nor have they earned any "income" as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, not only does the IRS abuse the American public, but it abuses the American public without the authority to do so - unless and to the extent the IRS is able, with the help of other government agencies, the media and lapdog tax professionals to cultivate a perceived authority and instill a paralyzing fear in the public.

My efforts are not meant to push anyone into a one-on-one battle with the IRS - the IRS is still the 800 pound gorilla each of us has to wrestle with, whether the agency's actions are lawful or unlawful, authorized or unauthorized.  My efforts are focused on opening your eyes to the truth that the IRS has illegally, deceitfully and knowingly stolen trillions of dollars from generations of American's in connection with an income tax that the majority of them never owed.

I encourage you to educate yourself and learn more about how this massive fraud was perpetrated against us.  One avenue for educating yourself is here and here.