IRS Secret Gestapo Tactics Revealed

Friday July 10th in Austin, Texas I joined Attorney Robert Bernhoft of the Bernhoft Law Firm on the Infowars Nightly News hosted by Lee Ann McAdoo where we focused on the use of newly discovered “Secret Police” styled tactics used by federal agents against the law-abiding American public as well as one particular American who is fighting back with a lawsuit to put a stop to such illegal and unconstitutional conduct.

Read and download the actual section of the IRS Internal Revenue Manual (the official IRS internal policy manual that instructs IRS agents how to do their jobs) that describes how IRS agents are to utilize the "parallel construction" tactic.

You will be truly shocked at this new low in government disdain for your privacy and your rights, especially your right to due process of law and the right to confront your accuser, not to mention the enormous damage done to the bedrock principle of telling the truth under oath.

The Nightly News segment dealing solely with the Secret Police-styled Investigative Tactics:
The Nightly News episode in its entirety is here:
The first segment discussing these illegal tactics begins at 34:45
The second segment discussing these illegal tactics begins at 1:00:25In-depth Articles Describing These Outrageous Investigative Practices:

I urge you to tell your family, friends and co-workers, especially any lawyers and law enforcement officers you know, about this important interview regarding these outrageous enforcement tactics.  Of course, making sure congressional office phones ring off the hook and informing other media outlets are also extremely important tasks as well. The only way we can stop these outrageous tactics is by having enough Americans learn that the outrages are even going on so that they can later more forcefully express their outrage.SPREAD THIS INFORMATION FAR AND WIDE!