The IRS Is The Original 'Deep State' Operation!

Since the public has become increasingly aware of the dangers a “deep state” bureaucracy poses to a representative republic, Joe has begun referring to the IRS as “the original deep state operation.” Why?

IRS OVER 100 YEARS OLD - Because the Internal Revenue Service, formerly the Bureau of Internal Revenue, has been around for over 100 years.

IRS IS THE DEEPEST, MUCKIEST PART OF THE SWAMP – Because the IRS has a massive role in protecting the deep state and President Trump should therefore aim his swamp vacuum cleaner at the IRS where he will expose over 100 years of deceit and theft.

FINE-TUNED TYRANNY OPERATION - Because the IRS had a huge head start fine-tuning the federal bureaucracy to deceive the public, steal from the public, hide the ball from the public and spy on the public.

CULTURE OF FEAR - Because the Federal Reserve System needed a fear-inducing, full spectrum dominance tax bureaucracy to pay interest on the phony debt created by the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air.

TAX POLICE VITAL COMPONENT - Because the deep state functions best when the tax police are an integral component of the deep state.

PUNISH LAW ABIDING/REWARD LAW BREAKING - Because the income tax can be and has been WEAPONIZED and used against the American people. There is really no other deep state agency that has the capability to destroy more people than the IRS.  The IRS can destroy anyone from the corner grocery store clerk to election campaign personnel to the President of the United States – literally any person or group who threatens the status quo. Just a couple of examples:

  1. TARGETING CONSERVATIVE GROUPS - Note how the IRS under Obama targeted hundreds of conservative groups and hammered those groups with questions about their political activities to basically gather “opposition research” to help keep Obama in power.
  2. TARGETING TRUMP - Note the federal criminal charges against one-time Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manifort and Trump Campaign Aide Richard Gates. February 22nd, 2018 32 count Superceding Indictment Against Manifort – Nearly all of the 32 counts directly or indirectly involve federal income tax returns, either because the tax returns are alleged to be false on their face or because allegedly false tax returns were used to apply for, qualify for or obtain bank loans. The alleged conduct occurred years before Manifort and Gage even had any relationship with Trump, yet the corrupt DEEP STATE can use IRS and income tax matters from the distant past to attack those close to President Trump.
  3. IRS IGNORES LAWBREAKING - Learn more about just one horrendous example of the hundreds of horrendous examples of the IRS's scandalous conduct.

SELF-CENSORSHIP - Because fear of IRS retribution leads to MASSIVE SELF-CENSORSHIP.

FURTHERS GLOBALIST TO-DOWN AGENDA – World government financed by world taxation yet not accountable to the people but only to globalist interests. People are tightly controlled and monitored through the tax system.

What is the IMPACT on the American People of the IRS being a DEEP STATE operation?Equal Opportunity Tyrant – The IRS can be used to attack political enemies, no matter who is in power.

Not answerable to the people – IRS “deep state” capabilities keep the IRS in power and the federal income tax in place.

Tail Wags The Dog – How many people have you met who favor the income tax or who like the IRS? Almost nobody? Then how did such a system come into being? How does such a system stay in place if the people do not like it?

Infinite Resources Available To Propagandize The American People And Neutralize Dissent – IRS has expertly “controlled the narrative” through the media, through the tax profession, through the courts, through managing public opinion (“pay your fair share”).

Formulate, Manage And Protect A 100 Year-Old Lie – The income tax “deep state” capabilities keep the IRS in power and the federal income tax in place.

Worst American Scandal Ever – Yet, many Americans are unaware of one of the longest running and most economically devastating scandals of all time – the federal income tax.

Incentive To Lie About Reach Of Federal Income Tax? – Is it that hard to believe that the federal government would conspire to lie to the American people about the federal income tax system so that trillions of dollars of wealth could be taken out of the pockets of the American people when the federal government has lied about much smaller matters?

  1. Duh, Has Federal Government Ever Lied Before? – If the federal government has been willing to lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction, 9-11, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Continuity of Government, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Climate Change, etc., is it so hard to believe that the federal government would lie to the American people about the reach of the federal income tax so that trillions of dollars of wealth could be taken from the pockets of hundreds of millions of Americans?  If lying works so well for corrupt governments and the banks who finance them, why tell the people the truth?
  2. Corporate Media Propaganda – From the early 1900s, the American people received their news from corporately controlled newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post and corporately controlled television networks like NBC, CBS and ABC.

Facts Regarding The Federal Income Tax That Prove The IRS Is Lying To the American People

#1 - No Law Ever Passed Making The Average American Liable To Pay The Federal Income Tax
#2 - Most Working Americans Do Not Have "Income" As That Term Is Defined By The U.S. Supreme Court

#3 - The IRS's Own Internal Procedures Manuals Admit Limited Reach Of The Federal Income Tax